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Buenas, aquí dejo los desbloqueables que podéis ir encontrando en Golden Rush:

One of the Best: Become one of top 100 in a tournament.
Pretender Junior: Reach 2000 of rating.
Serious Pretender: Reach 5000 of rating.
Hope of Champions: Reach 10000 of rating.
An Apt Pupil: Complete the first tutorial.
Explorer: Pick up 10 chests.
Treasure Hunter: Pick up 100 chests.
King of Treasure Hunters: Pick up 1000 chests.
Potion Fan: Use 10 random potion bottles.
Potion Specialist: Use 100 random potion bottles.
Potion Master: Use 1000 random potion bottles.
Dragon Killer: Kill the dragon once.
Dragon Slayer: Kill the dragon 10 times.
Dragon Smiter: Kill the dragon 100 times.
Dragon-Apprentice: Turn into a dragon once.
Dragon-Warrior: Turn into a dragon 10 times.
Dragon-Knight: Turn into a dragon 100 times.
Monster Hunter: Kill 100 monsters.
Monster Destroyer: Kill 10 000 monsters.
Legendary Monster Killer: Kill 100000 monsters.
First Blood: Kill a player for the first time.
Hero Killer: Kill 100 enemy heroes.
Hero Destroyer: Kill 1000 enemy heroes.
Hero Smiter: Kill 10000 enemy heroes.
A Step to Greatness: Win for the first time.
Pretender: Win 10 times.
Champion: Win 100 times.
Eternal Winner: Win 1000 times.
Gold Digger: Earn first 1000 gold.
A Well Off Hero: Earn 10000 gold.
Rich Man: Earn 100000 gold.
Tycoon: Earn 1000000 gold.
Serious Newbie: Play 10 sessions.
Experienced Hero: Play 100 sessions.
Veteran of Battles: Play 1000 sessions.
Master of Fighting: Play 10 000 sessions.
A Live Legend: Play 50 000 sessions.
Bloody Blade: Deal 100 000 of damage.
Cruel Player: Deal 1000000 of damage.
Lord of Pain: Deal 10000000 of damage.
Legendary Murderer: Deal 100000000 of damage.
Alchemist's Pupil: Transmute 1 essence.
Beginning Alchemist: Transmute 10 essences.
Master of Transmutation: Transmute 100 essences.
Blacksmith's Pupil: Unlock 1 set item.
Magician in Armor: Unlock 10 set items.
Master of Artifacts: Unlock 100 set items.
You're not Alone: Add 1 friend.
Little Flock: Add 10 friends.
Your Legion: Add 100 friends.
One for All: Play with friends for the first time.
The Glorious Ten: Play 10 battles with friends.
A Hundred Parties: Play 100 battles with friends.
A Thousand Hangouts: Play 1000 battles with friends.
Ordeal by Fire: Complete the first battle.
First Set: Collect 1 set.
The Glorious Five: Collect 5 sets.
Lord of the Wardrobe: Collect 10 sets.
My Fairy Witch: Unlock Witch.
My Harsh Paladin: Unlock Paladin.
My Own Assassin: Unlock Assassin.

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