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Last night's reading radio station had an article written by Jiang Biwei, Jiang Biwei, formerly known as Jiang Yuzhen, who was Xu Beihong's original wife. As a rich family, Jiang Zhenzhen, at the age of thirteen, was already given a marriage to a rich family. However, after she met Xu Beihong for the first time, she fell in love. At the age of eighteen, she and her privately rushed to Japan under the arrangement of Xu Beihong. Since then, she has lived together as a husband and wife. Jiang Zhenzhen»»s parents are helpless. Jiang Yuzhen was declared dead, and a coffin was placed in front of the church. In order to fulfill this pair of lovers <a href="">Cigarette Cartons For Cheap</a>, Jiang Jiazhen was doing enough. Since then, Jiang Zhenzhen has been renamed Jiang Biwei. A brand new Jiang Jia Er, who was born with a beautiful pair of sapphire, has always pursued the pursuit of admirers. Zhang Daojun, a senior KMT official, is one of the longest. However, Jiang Biwei loved her husband and decided to reject this love. However, she never thought that Xu Beihong, who was so loved, betrayed herself soon, and fell in love with the 19-year-old female student Sun Duo. Kindness. In order to gain the trust of Xinhuan, Xu Beihong publicly announced the end of the cohabitation relationship with Jiang Biwei. Jiang Biwei, who was already the mother of two children, did not choose to divorce, but she said to Xu Beihong: If you are lost, this family will always welcome you, but if you have to turn back because others have abandoned you <a href="">Free Carton Of Newport Cigarettes</a>, then I will not I want you! Others don't want it, and I don't want to be so dramatic. Sun Duoci really left Xu Beihong under the pressure of society and chose another marriage arranged by his parents. Xu Beihong also really turned back to look for Jiang Biwei to ask for a compound, but the reluctant Jiang Biwei refused him according to the original agreement. Because she said it, others don't want it, I don't want it! What's more important is that Jiang Biwei at this time has also found his own love, that is, Zhang Daojun, who has been admiring her, has once again fallen in love with Xu Xiehong <a href="">Carton Of Newport Shorts Price</a>. After the aged girl Liao Jingwen, Jiang Biwei decided to divorce Xu Beihong and proposed compensation for one million yuan support and one hundred paintings. Xu Beihong promised her one by one. Because of this rich divorce compensation, Jiang Biwei has made her life in the last half of her life a life of worry-free life. She suddenly remembered the very hot words on the Internet: either give me love, or give me money, I want to roll it up. When betrayed <a href="">Newport Cigarette Price</a>, there are several women who can make such a clear distinction as Jiang Biwei. When you love you, you don»»t care about gains and losses. When you don»»t love, you have only lost and lost. Meng Xiaodong should be counted as one. When she loves Mei Lanfang, she does not count on her name. Even if she is only secretly hiding outside the house, Mei Lanfang chooses to withdraw from the time when she should be the most responsible. It is purely self-deception. Xiaodong decided to cut off this embarrassment and asked Mei Lanfang for a breakup of 40,000 yuan. Fei Yishu»»s novel "Xi Bao" has such a saying: I want a lot of love. If there is no love, then a lot of money is needed. If neither is available, it is good to have health. I have passed your heart, not because I don't want to stay, but because you don't want to stay. Since this love can't afford it, then you have to pay for your betrayal. At this time, I think of another woman who is very different from her. She is Lu Xun's original wife, Zhu An Zhuan. They have not become the true wife of Lu Xun, but have kept the room for more than 40 years. Some people say that until she died at the age of 69, she has always been a yellow flower. This illiterate little-footed woman, because the words of the matchmaker became Lu Xun»»s well-behaved wife, who never gave her husband a trace of love, but gave him the most sincere emotions of his life. She loves his great gentleman and loves him along with his betrayal and indifference. No, maybe she has not even been betrayed because he has never loved her, so even the pain of betrayal has never been given to her. After Lu Xun»»s death, Zhu An lived alone in the old house of Beijing. Although he lived in poverty, he still did not forget to receive Xu Guangping»»s mother and son, and sincerely invited them to come to live in Beijing. In his later years, Zhu An could not solve the problem of food and clothing <a href="">Marlboro Usa Price</a>, but still refused to accept the help of Zhou Zuoren, because she remembered that Mr. Da and the brother had a holiday, and that Mr. Da could not be unhappy that someone had a high price to buy Lu Xun»»s manuscript. She also categorically refused, because she also knows that this is the favorite thing of Mr. Da, can not sell. Until she finally died in poverty in Beijing, she did not sell a piece of paper left by Lu Xun. Her greatest wish before her death was to be buried with Lu Xun after her death, even if she went to the underworld, she would be his wife. But this desire has not been realized, and a lonely grave without a tombstone has become her final destination. Perhaps, this is also God's care for her. In this life, she has already given her life to a loveless marriage. If it is really underground, I still miss each other. After all, this kind of encounter is not enough. Even if I have three generations, this time, it is enough to love, hurt, struggle, and give up. Perhaps, everyone has lived in such a person, thinking that it will be a lifetime, but the wind blows away, the pain has become the dust of the earth, and that person eventually became the star of last night, cool and what a wonderful galaxy. May you have a heartfelt person in this life, black hair does not abandon, white head does not leave!
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