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The father-in-law who lives in Jinshan West Lane, after more than 20 years of care, opened a green garden in the south of the road, and has become a scale. In the last two articles, "Walnuts Cooked" and "Breeze Together with Reading", I have introduced the general situation of Green Garden. I call it flower orchard, poplar, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, mulberry, phoenix, etc. Fruit trees, flowers and grass, four seasons of vegetables, one acre round, and that bamboo forest. Perhaps because of the frequent visits to the Green Garden, I am no longer surprised by a green park. I went to my father-in-law's house with my wife this morning. Somehow, I saw the Green Garden. I suddenly had a different kind of feeling for the bamboo forest. Although it was the heat of midsummer, I turned into a bamboo forest with two areas, one long ten. The meter is four or five meters wide and one square is in the deep ditch below the rocky light beam. It is two meters wide and twenty meters long. Densely, the height of six or seven meters is a thicker bamboo than the thumb. It is understood that Phyllostachys pubescens, Gramineae genus, uniaxial scattered evergreen tree-like bamboo plants, can reach more than 20 meters in height, up to more than 20 centimeters thick, old hairless, and green to greenish yellow The predecessor of Green Garden is a wild grass slope, half-soil and half-stone geological structure, and the cliff-beam light beam has been exposed to most of the area. Year after year of planting and planting, it is only after the prosperity of today's prosperous bamboo forest, how did it develop into today's glory? This is a long story. Twenty years ago, after working at the grassroots level for more than ten years, due to work In the city, the friend who lives in the cherry garden, when I was off the line, gave a pot of bamboo, the size of the chopsticks, less than fifty centimeters. I have no experience in planting flowers. The house in the city has not been cleaned up. I will consider it again and again, and give this pot of bamboo to the father-in-law. The old man is careful and loves to plant flowers and raise the grass to remove the bamboo from the basin. In the sloping land on the south side of the gate, a nest was planted. Spring and autumn, under the nourishment of summer rain and winter snow, a cluster of bamboo shoots broke out of the ground, three plants, five plants, ten plants and eight plants, inadvertently, the bushes of bamboo have been made into a single piece. Without management, without watering, it will accumulate over the years. After 20 years, this bamboo forest stands next to the bamboo forest <a href="">Newport Gold Cigarettes</a>. The breeze blows <a href="">Newport Cigarettes For Sale</a>, the leaves make a beautiful sound, and the wind comes with a bamboo green fragrance, as if the army is ambushing. among them. I have never seen my father-in-law pruning for many years, but let it grow naturally. From the bottom of the bamboo bushes, I can»»t see the end of it. From the heights, I look at the bamboo forest, just like the green »»mushroom cloud»». The wind blows bamboo and the green waves roll <a href="">Newport Short</a>. In the usual bamboo walk <a href="">Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons</a>, the dark and dull forest will occasionally pull out the squirrels from inside, like the gray elves, screaming and disappearing <a href="">Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes</a>. In the morning, I will see the sparrows jumping slightly from the bamboo leaves, and the birds singing. In the afternoon of the cool summer, I will hear the roaring bamboos of the evergreen seasons. The bamboo stalks are tall and beautiful, chic and elegant, and elegant and unique. Traditionally, people have used bamboo as a self-evident, high-spirited festival, noble character, strong and upright, indomitable, not afraid of the natural color of the ice-wrapped snow, and Song and Mei are listed as the three friends of the old age, so many poets and scholars, this is inexhaustible. Like it. Su Dongpo "will rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo." Zheng Banqiao praised "But the green hills are not relaxed, the roots are in the cliff. The millennium is still toug. The conscious scenery is deep, the solitude will be stunned, and there is no such thing as a monarch. Can be broken and can not be destroyed, bamboo can be burned can not destroy its festival." For its scenery, Chen Jiru "Small Window Secretary" has: "There is bamboo behind the pavilion, bamboo wants to sparse; bamboo has room, room is quiet. "Wen Zhenheng's "Long Things" depicts: "The bamboo should be built as a ridge, the water is a stream, and the small bridge is inclined." Steep up and board, stay on the platform, for sitting and lying, ... such as Wanzhu Linzhong people. I suddenly felt the cuteness of bamboo. I remembered the past and present life of this piece of bamboo. I can have the hard-won life of today. I thought of living in bamboo after retirement. The second floor of the father-in-law»»s neighboring town is a house that I have never lived in. I only rented others to live for many years. I think that I will be raised for a few years. At that time, I will build a stone table and bamboo pavilion next to the bamboo forest in front of the door. Bring a pot of tea and hold a book in your hand. In the cool breeze of the bamboo breeze, you will spend the rest of your life.
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