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Starting school means that a new semester is coming; it means that my six-year life in primary school is coming to an end; it means that I will bid farewell to my alma mater's teachers and students; that means I am about to challenge one after another; all this Everything is due to the opening of the last semester of the sixth year of elementary school <a href="www.prideconcept.com/marlboro">Marlboro 100S Cartons Us</a>. As a graduating class, is it happy or worried? In my heart, the five-flavored bottle that has been knocked over has a taste that cannot be said.e past is vivid. In the past six years, how many things have touched us. How many things have made us mature and t memorable thing is what happened in the third to fifth grades. It is full of innocence and that pure friendship. The students loved the nickname, although the nickname is not very elegant, but it also shows the pure love from the side. Maybe this is the mutual communication between boys and girls! I thought that there would be a lot of reluctance in my heart. After all, I have been together for several years. The students who have been with them for six years are also going to be separated as they go to school. I don't like friendship being diluted, memories are dusty, but always say goodbye!nstantly, and it»»s is always going to pass, and people have to grow. Becoming a graduate, the homework is also aggravated, and you have to face a cruel exam. After three months, we will conduct a general test of the knowledge we have learned in the past six years. Is it good or bad to learn? Everything is in the air, and you will know the results. Success or failure is here! The start of the sixth grade is like a nightmare.rted school, a teacher or classmate who had never met during a holiday had a long time to reunite. The students talked about it and talked about it. You can»»t think of the content of the talk: Lin Xinru has become a sow of several hundred kilograms; Liu Yifei was originally a man; recently, what TV drama looks good... ... After class, you can play with your classmates. The whole classroom is full of laughter and laughter, throwing unhappiness into the clouds. The occasional little friction reconciles the relationship between the students and makes the friendshis of elementary school life is a dance music <a href="www.designerindex.net/marlboro">Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online</a>, sadness and joy. Then this is the spiritual ensemble of a group of children who are germination, I use this dance to dance my own wonderful! This dance music that belongs to us has just got rid of the green, but not mature. Worrying goodbye to the past, happy to wave to the future! In the past, I didn't know the taste friend surprised me. When she was sent, our girl hugged her tightly, as if she would suddenly fly <a href="www.wholesalenewport.com">Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store</a>. Although I have been in the same class for a year, the friendship between us is like an old friend for decades. Watching her step out of the school, watching her gradually leave. I suddenly realized the taste of parting. Parting is bitter. When I left, I couldn»»t feel the sadness that I couldn»»t feel. The joys, sorrows and sorrows between friends are not as clear as I have ever shown in my mind. However, the memory stops at this moment, anf the bitterness is mixed with sweetness. Friendship, at this time <a href="www.webvipsmoking.com">Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj</a>, rose to the extreme. The tears and misunderstandings of the past are all tolerated by the great power of "friendship." In the farewell, there has never been a sweetness, which adds a bit of "tomato juice" to this bitterness.t Li Bai, Wang Wei sent it to Yuan 2, whoever has it. This is a level of life. If there is no parting, there will be no thoughts; if there is no parting, there will be no memories; if there is no parting, there will be no such many poetic words; if there is no parting, is there so many stories in the worldany elements <a href="www.buyusacigarettes.com">Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa</a>. It is evocative and sad. A good phrase, "There are people who have joys and sorrows, and there are glooms and glooms in the moon. This is an ancient disaster."
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