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Ghost Recon Credits Back in 2006 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare was to many the first next-generation experience on Xbox 360. The game was visually quite impressive and really provided a look at what was about to drop in the years to come.Now the title by Ubisoft Montreal is backwards compatible and can be played on Xbox One and as detailed in a new tech analysis by NX Gamer it even achieves some improvements whether you kick it off on Xbox One S or Xbox One X.

On top of everything Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare on Xbox One S and Xbox One X plays double the frame rate in comparison with the original version which means it goes up to 60 frames per second.As you can see in the analysis the Xbox One S' version features an unlocked frame rate that goes as down as 37fps in the situations where you have massive shootings.

Xbox One X instead has a rock solid 60 frames per second presentation which even when hit by those harder to handle situations goes as low as around the 50s apparently never less than that.Considering that the original build on Xbox 360 goes as down as 23fps it's a remarkable improvement Cheapest Ghost Recon Credits and it's even bigger when you look at how it's got achieved - not by a remaster but by a simple "emulation" on Xbox One S/X.If you are impressed and want to purchase the game you're very lucky as today it's only $3,99 if you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber on Xbox Store.
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